Interactive Cyber Law Toolkit Now Online

The Cyber Law Toolkit, an interactive web-based resource for legal professionals and students was officially launched at the 11th Annual Conference on Cyber Conflict (CyCon 2019) in Tallinn, Estonia.

The Toolkit is a dynamic interactive web-based resource for legal professionals and students who work with wide array of topics related to international law and cyber operations. The practical Toolkit consists of several hypothetical scenarios, each of which contains a description of cyber incidents inspired by real-world examples and accompanied by detailed legal analysis. The aim of the analysis is to provide throughout examination of the applicability of international law to the diverse scenarios and related legal issues.

The Toolkit is available free of charge at the following link:

The authors of the Toolkit have designed this web-based resource to be a useful tool for legal practitioners and the users are most welcome to share it with their fellow legal experts. To begin exploring the Toolkit, users may first take a look at the list of scenarios, check out the keyword cloud, or familiarize themselves with the FAQ page.

The Toolkit is the product of a yearlong project supported by the UK Economic and Social Research Council. Partner institutions include the University of Exeter, NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE), and the Czech National Cyber and Information Security Agency (NCISA). The project team consists of Dr Kubo Mačák (Exeter), General Editor, Mr Tomáš Minárik (CCDCOE), Managing Editor, and Ms Taťána Jančárková (NCISA), Scenario Editor. The individual scenarios and the Toolkit have been reviewed by a team of more than 20 external experts and peer reviewers. The Toolkit is an interactive resource that is intended to be continuously developed and updated.

For further information concerning the Toolkit, including media enquiries, please contact the project team at [email protected].