7th International Conference on Cyber Conflict. Proceedings 2015

CyCon 2015 – themed ‘Architectures in Cyberspace’ – focused on the construction of the internet and its potential future development. The main principles and foundations for the internet were laid four decades ago, and they have been used ever since. The ‘net’ has been a tremendous success story and today it is much more than just a commodity. However, can the structures that we rely on support the increasing demand and the different ways in which we want to use it, and what are the effects of this revolution on norms, international politics and security?
Building on these questions, this book contains selected articles that were presented during CyCon 2015

Book details:

Editors: M.Maybaum, A.-M.Osula, L.Lindström (NATO CCD COE)
Hardcover: 250 pages
Publisher: NATO CCD COE Publications, April 2015
Language: English
IEEE Catalog Number: CFP1526N-PRT
ISBN (print):   978-9949-9544-2-1
ISBN (pdf):   978-9949-9544-3-8

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