Executive Cyber Seminar

The Executive Cyber Seminar is designed for senior decision makers (OF-6 and higher or civilian equivalent), primarily in NATO and Defence, for whom cyberspace is a new area of responsibility or consideration. Over the course of a day and a half, participants will be led through a series of themed discussions that will introduce and explore the developing influence of this domain and its impact on decision makers of today.

There will be a specific session on legal aspects, including a review on how International Law applies to cyber operations, led by the editors of Tallinn Manual 2.0. Industry perspectives on the most recent developments will be provided by Symantec and Leonardo. In cooperation with BHC Laboratory, for the first time the seminar include a strategic decision-making exercise on cyber conflict. This particular exercise format has been extremely successful among senior decision-makers in various parts of the world.

Lecturers include NATO CCDCOE researchers and external experts, recognised for the expertise in their focus area. Each iteration is tailored to suit the attendees and allows for open Q&A to address any specific areas of interest from the group or individual. In addition, previous participants have valued the mix of expertise represented by other seminar attendees – every seminar is unique due to the discussions, networking and feedback generated by the particular group.

Learning Objectives

  • An introduction to and comprehensive grounding in Cyberspace; what it is, what it is not
  • Why Cyberspace is important and relevant to decision makers and those developing the policy and strategy
  • Introduction to the legal side of Cyberspace Operations
  • A perspective of the threat from an industry perspective
  • Strategic decision-making exercise on cyber conflict

Target audience

  • This course has been designed to target individuals new into post where cyber is part of their responsibility, but not their primary or only responsibility
  • This course is designed to cater for those at a senior level with policy or decision making responsibility
  • It is designed to be useful to both military and civilian staff, primarily those in NATO and defence, but would be informative to wider government seniors


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