Cyber Defence Awareness e-Course

The Cyber Defence Awareness e-Learning course aims to enhance the general user’s awareness of cyber security risks and measures to mitigate those risks. It is open to all individuals from CCDCOE member nations and NATO; and it can be accessed through the NATO e-Learning Portal

Learning Objectives

This course provides an introduction to cyber security in general, providing attack methods, terminology and defensive techniques. It gives an overview of the recent threat landscape.

Target Audience

The Cyber Defence Awareness e-course was developed with the goal of raising the awareness of the average user within the NATO community, covering the most relevant topics in the area. The training audience includes all users of NATO networks.


  • General cyber security terminology and categorisation.
  • Malware, viruses and spyware.
  • Anti-virus software.
  • Unauthorised system access and characteristics of a strong password.
  • Identity theft and compromise of classified data.
  • Risks regarding removable media.
  • Risks associated with emails (dangerous attachments, hoaxes, etc.).
  • Threats to and from mobile devices.
  • Backing up systems and files.
  • File sharing and copyright issues.
  • The dangers of unsecured wireless networks.
  • Desktop security.
  • Social engineering and other human aspects.
  • Disposal of information.
  • The risks of social networking.


Basic computer user skills.


The course is available to all users of the NATO e-Learning Portal. Once registered, users may access the course by navigating to the ‘CENTRES OF EXCELLENCE (COE’s)’ -> ‘Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence’ -> ‘ADL 076 Cyber Defence Awareness (new)’ course listing.