Critical Information Infrastructure Protection

This 4-day unclassified course is intended for mid-level managers responsible for the protection of Critical Information Infrastructure. The purpose of the course is to provide students with the knowledge necessary to analyse, assess and make decisions relative to Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP).


Due to the current travel restrictions to Estonia (from many countries the travelers have to spend a 14 days self-isolation period when they enter the country), this course will be held as an online course and the confirmed students DON’T HAVE TO TRAVEL to Estonia. Therefore they don’t have to buy flight tickets and don’t have to book accommodation in Tallinn.

All of the technical details to join the course will be shared with the confirmed participants until 28th  of September, 2020.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course, students will:

  • be able to understand what constitutes Critical Information Infrastructure and the threats to its operations;
  • be able to assess the vulnerabilities and the threat profiles relative to Critical Information Instructure;
  • be able to make proper decisions regarding protection of Critical Information Infrastructure, including training of personnel, investment in protection, information sharing and risk assessment;
  • Be able to oversee and critique a comprehensive Risk Assessment of both cyber and physical vulnerabilities for select Critical Information Infrastructure; and
  • Know how to prioritise the protection of the most critical core information infrastructure for a military operation, institution, government or private sector enterprise.

Target Audience

Students should be from NATO countries, Sponsoring Nations, Contributing Participants and NATO bodies and be military officers at the OF-4 to OF-6 level or civilians of equivalent rank.

Pre-Course Preparation

Select readings will be identified and made available to registered students before the courses. These are to be read prior to course participation.

Pre-study e-Learning material

ADL 343 Information Security Management System  on the NATO e-Learning website (JADL –


Registration opens on 29th of June, 2020. Applicants from CCDCOE member nations should use the registration code provided by their national Point of Contact. An email confirming the participation will be sent only after the registration has closed.

If you have any questions or issues with registration, please contact [email protected]