Given the increasing number of regional and international organisations active in the cyber security domain, it can be challenging to navigate through all the existing and recently adopted legal and policy documents. To facilitate the work of researchers, lawyers, policy-makers and other cyber security-related practitioners NATO CCDCOE`s research tool International Cyber Developments (INCYDER) offers up-to-date overviews and easy access to the most relevant legal and policy documents adopted by international organisations. It offers useful summaries and analysis of recent trends within these organisations in articles authored by CCDCOE researchers. The tool includes overviews of the selected organisations’ cyber security profiles and a collection of the original legal and policy documents adopted by them.

Our researchers aim to improve overall awareness of international developments and offer one dedicated point of access to a wide range of different instruments by providing an overview of both non-binding instruments, such as declarations, recommendations, policies, and strategies as well as binding documents, such as conventions, directives and regulations.

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CCDCOE researchers comprise on a regular basis overviews and summaries of the most relevant recent trends and developments within international organisations. These developments feed into (inter)national organisations’ and other stakeholders’ planning, strategy and capability preparation in the cyber domain.

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Overview of the cyber security posture of selected international organisations.

Legal and Policy Documents

A collection of the original legal and policy documents adopted by major international organisations active in cyber security.