Sen. Capt Erwin Orye

Strategy Researcher

Senior Captain (OF-3) Erwin Orye ir. joined CCDCOE in January 2017 as a Researcher in the Strategy branch. In addition he is currently pursuing a PhD in aviation cyber security in TalTech.

After finishing the Royal Military Academy in Brussels, Belgium in 2000 as a civil engineer in telecommunications, he worked on technical aspects of tactical communications. His career began as deputy commander and progressed to commander of Belgian military technical support team for tactical communications and information systems. Afterwards he became a material resources manager responsible for tactical radios. He next served as the staff officer for plans and training in the Belgian 6th signal battalion. In 2013, he became team lead for material resources managers responsible for secure and tactical networks.

In his final position, before moving to the CCDCOE in Estonia, he worked at the Belgian military Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC).