LtCol Christian Czosseck

TC Czosseck has been with the German Army for more than 15 years. After his initial time as a cadet and later a platoon commander in the NBC branch, he became IT professional and for the last 9 years was holding different information assurance and IT management positions.

Following his 4-years turn (2008-2012) as scientist to the Centre, he is now serving at the CERT of the German Armed Forces (CERT Bundeswehr) and currently holds the position of Head Cyber Defence Laboratory.

LTC Czosseck holds a Ph.D. in Management from the Estonian Business School (Tallinn) and is a distinguished graduate in Computer Science from the military university in Munich. His current research focus is on cyber security and cyber weapons with a particular focus on the role of botnets. He has edited numerous conference proceedings and frequently serves as a programme committee member for cyber-related conferences.