Lauri Aasmann

Law Branch Chief

Lauri Aasmann joined the Legal & Policy Branch of the NATO CCD COE in 2011 as senior researcher to notice and find solutions to novel legal problems related to cyberspace as a threat vector. Today he is the Chief of Law Branch responsible for planning the legal research projects focusing on cyber operations, and leading the work of the legal team accordingly.

Lauri Aasmann has been involved with the legal aspects of cyber security and cyber defense since graduating from the University of Tartu Law Faculty. While working for government in the Prosecutor’s Office his specialization was in white-collar crime, in particular cybercrime and intellectual property infringements. His international experience started in private sector after joining the Legal Department in Swedbank in 2007 as the in-house IT legal counsel, where he was responsible for data protection, intellectual property portfolio, compliance and IT development issues in a team of Scandinavian-Baltic specialists.