Clare Lain

Strategy Researcher

Clare Lain joined the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence in January 2016 as the UK Senior National Representative. As part of the Strategy Branch, she has responsibility for delivery of the NATO doctrine for Cyberspace Operations and the creation and delivery of a bi-annual Seminar for Senior Executives from both civilian and military organisations.

Other areas of research and specialism include the role of cyber in a hybrid scenario and response, in particular its relationship to electronic warfare; the influence of cyber in other disciplines such as intelligence, the Estonian Start-Up community and more recently the Military Police; and the role of the wider society in a major cyber incident.

Prior to the Centre, a long career in the IT field covers a number of private sector companies ranging from finance to pharmaceuticals and food processing to civil engineering. Matching this wide range of employers her roles varied from Technical Support to Business Change and Data/Knowledge Management to Consultancy.

From the private sector, Clare moved into the public sector and fulfilled a number of roles including IT training and consultancy, and wider business management, culminating with the UK Ministry of Defence, where she was lead officer for the development of strategy and policy for the operationalisation of cyber throughout the military and related government departments.