International Law of Cyber Operations (Oberammergau)


International Law of Cyber Operations (Oberammergau)


21-25 Jul 2014

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6 Jun 2014

Organised jointly with NATO School Oberammergau and U.S. Naval War College


NATO School Oberammergau, Germany

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450 €

With all states increasingly facing hostile cyber operations, and with some of them developing the capacity to bring cyber to bear in the contemporary battlespace, the International Law of Cyber Operations course is an invaluable educational opportunity for military and civilian legal advisors to the armed forces, intelligence community lawyers, and other civilian attorneys in governmental security posts.

The course gives an in-depth overview of the application of the jus ad bellum and international humanitarian law to cyber operations. Specific topics include cyber operations as a use of force, self-defence against cyber operations, and the interpretation and application of humanitarian law principles and rules to cyber hostilities. Lectures on related issues such as state responsibility, the principle of sovereignty, and the law of neutrality are included in the curriculum. The law sessions are complemented by lectures on information technology that, for example, explain how the internet works and how cyber operations are executed from a technical perspective. Course participants will have the opportunity to apply the acquired legal and technical knowledge in practical exercises.

The lectures will be given by noted scholars and practitioners, including two co-authors of the Tallinn Manual, Professors Michael Schmitt (United States Naval War College and Exeter University) and Wolff Heintschel von Heinegg (European University Viadrina). As such, attendees have a unique opportunity to discuss cyber legal matters with some of the most renowned scholars in the field. All participants will also receive a complimentary copy of the Tallinn Manual on the International Law Applicable to Cyber Warfare.

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