Celebrating 15 Years of Excellence: CCDCOE Continues to Safeguard Cyberspace

The NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE) proudly announces its upcoming 15th anniversary on May 16. Over the past decade and a half, the CCDCOE has transformed into a globally recognised knowledge hub renowned for its ground-breaking research, comprehensive training programs, and collaborative exercises.

With 39 member nations and nearly 80 dedicated professionals, the CCDCOE is the largest Centre of Excellence within NATO, driving international cooperation and coordination in cyber security. This growth is a testament to the increasing importance of cyber security in today’s world and the urgent need for effective international cooperation and coordination.

Dr. Mart Noorma, the Director of the CCDCOE, emphasises the centre’s unique role in addressing cyber threats as a coalition, stating, “CCDCOE plays a great role in filling this need and is a unique organisation in the world, helping its member nations face cyber threats as a coalition. By working together, sharing expertise, and learning from one another, we can better protect our citizens, infrastructure, and critical assets from cyber-attacks.”

During its 15-year operation, the CCDCOE has achieved remarkable milestones. Notable accomplishments include the development of Locked Shields, the world’s largest live-fire cyber defence exercise, and being among the first to openly conduct the offensive cyber exercise Crossed Swords. The centre’s expertise is exemplified through initiatives such as mapping the cyber threat landscape and providing expert advice to member nations through publications like the Tallinn Manual and Cyber Commanders’ Handbook.

The annual CyCon conference, which also celebrates its 15th birthday at the end of May, has become a crucial event for professionals in government, academia, and industry. Its influence extends far beyond the walls of the CCDCOE, fostering greater collaboration and knowledge sharing in the field of cyber security.

With all these areas of expertise being constantly developed, the Director of CCDCOE Mart Noorma has made it his mission to help a billion people live happier and sleep more soundly because cyberspace is safer. „CCDCOE has made a significant contribution to making the cyber environment safer not only for the people from NATO member states but also for everybody sharing the free world’s values,“ says Noorma.

Looking ahead, the CCDCOE remains committed to staying at the forefront of cyber defence efforts. As cyber threats become more complex and sophisticated, stronger partnerships between governments, organizations, and stakeholders are crucial. The CCDCOE will continue to foster these partnerships and support member nations in developing enhanced capabilities for conducting cyber operations, particularly as a coalition. Additionally, the centre aims to strengthen cooperation between military-civilian and public-private entities.

Let us raise our virtual glasses high, celebrating the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence as it embarks on its 15th anniversary. With an illustrious track record and an unyielding commitment to the future, the CCDCOE stands resolute, safeguarding our ever-evolving digital landscape.