CCDCOE raised the Ukrainian flag in solidarity and support

NATO CCDCOE welcomes Ukraine on the road to membership. Ukraine’s participation in the CCDCOE will be essential to enhancing the exchange of expertise in cybersecurity between the CCDCOE, its member nations and NATO.

„Establisihing cyberdefence collaboration is essential, particularly considering the increasing risk of threats in cyberspace. We are with Ukraine and the CCDCOE welcomes the prospect of accepting Ukraine as a new contributing participant in the CCDCOE’s familiy,“ noted Col Jaak Tarien.

The organisers honored to welcome the Ukrainian Ambassador H.E. Mariana Betsa and Ruslan Trochynskyi at the flag ceremony in solidarity and support for Ukraine.

“It is a great pleasure for me to be present at this important event for Ukraine – raising the flag of Ukraine in support of our state, which has been opposing Russia’s full-scale war for 49 days, including using cyber tools to achieve its false goals,” said Ukrainian ambassador Mariana Betsa.

“Ukraine, in fact being a testing ground for the use of cyber-tools for malicious purposes, has the unique practical experience in neutralizing cyberattacks that may be useful to partner countries. We continue to build national cybersecurity capacity, strengthen and enhance our legislation. We strongly advocate the bringing to justice of those who intentionally organize and carry out cyber-attacks. We believe that existing international law applies in cyberspace. We reiterate that the principle of prohibiting one state from attacking others applies here as it does elsewhere. Cyberspace is not different from other domains where international law is applied to state behaviour, “she added.

Next week CCDCOE will launch the exercise Locked Shields, the largest and most complex international live-fire cyber defence exercise in the world. In total there are more than 2000 participants from 32 nations and some of team members are also from Ukraine. The CCDCOE hopes this collaboration will bring Ukraine and member states closer together and help build bridges among national and joint teams around the world.

With this symbolic event, the CCDCOE also wants to show great respect for the resilience and courage of the Ukrainian people, who have made significant sacrifices in this terrible war. The CCDCOE member states stand with Ukraine until this dreadful and unnecessary war is won.

“I hope that in the nearest future the flag of Ukraine will fly here in the Center not only as a sign of solidarity with Ukraine, but also as a Contributing Participant of NATO CCDCOE, “concluded  ambassador Betsa.