New Tallinn Paper on Russia’s Cyber Policy Efforts in the United Nations

NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE) has published the 11th Tallinn Paper on Russia’s Cyber Policy Efforts in the United Nations.  The research authored by Elaine Korzak highlights that Russia’s efforts across the UN system can be characterised as persistent, consistent and long-term oriented.

CCDCOE aims in the following years to give more consideration to Non-Western states cyber defence policy and legal approaches and enhance the understanding of the divergances and reasons behind them. The current paper presents and examines the activities and views of Russia in the United Nations as one of the most relevant forums of discussion for norms and rules applicable to states behavior in cyberspace.

The paper concludes that in addition to being persistent and consistent, Russian efforts in UN discussions have been focused on long-term goals. Perhaps best encapsulated by Russia’s efforts for a new international legal regime for information security and the incremental steps towards that goal, the activities of Russia illustrate sustained long-term commitment for its policy positions over the past decades. These features provide insight into Russia’s past actions and can serve as important lessons for stakeholders engaging with Russia in the various upcoming negotiation processes.

The NATO CCD COE’s Tallinn Papers are designed to inform strategic dialogue regarding cyber security within the Alliance and beyond. Focusing on the pressing cyber security debates, the Tallinn Papers aim to support the creation of a legal and policy architecture that is responsive to the peculiar challenges of cyberspace. The series seeks to raise awareness and to provoke critical thinking that is required for well-informed decision-making on the political and strategic levels.

This publication is a product of the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence. It does not necessarily reflect the policy or the opinion of the Centre or NATO. The CCDCOE is a NATO-accredited cyber defence hub focusing on research, training and exercises. It represents a community of NATO nations and partners of the Alliance providing a 360-degree look at cyber defence, with expertise in the areas of technology, strategy, operations and law.