New Paper on Biometric Data Processing in the German Armed Forces

NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE) has published a new paper on biometric data processing by the German armed forces (Bundeswehr) during deployment. The paper authored by CCDCOE Law Researcher Sebastian Cymutta examines the legal requirements for the processing of biometric data, taking into account European and national regulations.

The aim of this paper is to identify the legal determinants of this special domain of data protection law and to make it usable for further research.

One of the conclusions of this research is that the processing of biometric data in the context of multilateral military operations is likely to become more common. In particular, the questions about exchanging special categories of personal data with and within international organisations. Given the many unresolved legal questions in this area, it would be desirable for this topic to be investigated further.

This publication is a product of the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence. It does not necessarily reflect the policy or the opinion of the Centre or NATO. The CCDCOE is a NATO-accredited cyber defence hub focusing on research, training and exercises. It represents a community of NATO nations and partners of the Alliance providing a 360-degree look at cyber defence, with expertise in the areas of technology, strategy, operations and law.