New Edition in CCDCOE Recurring Reports on Recent Cyber Events and Possible Implications for Armed Forces

In 2020 the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE) launched a series of reports that highlight how threats, vulnerabilities and incidents in cyberspace can affect military organisations and their operations. The new edition in this recurring series highlights some of the topics that were at the forefront during 2020.

“The eighth instalment in the series looks at the massive supply-chain breaches in USA, concerns of governments regarding 5G roll-out, critical infrastructure and ransomware attacks of last year and much more,” explained Jan Wünsche, CCDCOE Strategy Researcher leading the initiative. “It is important to note that our focus with this report is not to make an exhaustive news coverage, but discuss the long term impact of the events, and lessons that can be learned from incidents that will help the armed forces to be better prepared in the future.”

The primary audience for this series includes military decision makers at different levels of command. The selection of relevant news articles stems from the significance of the events from the perspective of the military, utilizing the CCDCOE´s multidisciplinary expertise and 360° approach to cyber defence.

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The CCDCOE is a NATO-affiliated cyber defence hub focusing on research, training and exercises. It represents a community of 29 nations with expertise in the areas of technology, law, strategy and military operations.