New CCDCOE Book on Autonomous Cyber Capabilities Launched at CyCon 2021

NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE) is proud to launch a new study on autonomous cyber capabilities under International Law at the first virtual CyCon next week. The book launch takes place on May 25th at the Workshop Day of CyCon 2021. Joining CyCon Workshop Day is free for all.

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Workshop Day of CyCon 2021 features three discussion sessions, two of them focusing on the industry view are led by supporters of the conference – Fortinet and Leonardo.

One of the sessions joins the authors and editors of a recent study concluded by the CCDCOE to discuss its findings. Autonomous cyber capabilities are admittedly comparable to kinetic autonomous weapons systems in their potential impact and technological reality. In international law circles, conversations about cyber operations and autonomous (military) systems have proceeded on parallel tracks. The new volume authored by globally recognised scholars aims to merge the discourses on the application of international law to cyber operations and autonomous systems.

The central theme of CyCon 2021 – Going Viral – alludes to the implications of human crises (such as the pandemic) for cybersecurity and cyberspace. It also sets out to encourage discussions on the impact of the rapid proliferation and high unpredictability the processes in cyberspace are prone to.

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CyCon 2021 is supported by Microsoft, Fortinet, Leonardo and IEEE.