New on INCYDER: Chatham House Report: Space - NATO Cyber Security’s Weak Spot

In her article published on INCYDER research tool, CCDCOE Law Researcher Liina Lumiste looks into the most acute vulnerabilities of the space-based structures as outlined in the recent Chatham House research paper ‘Cybersecurity of NATO’s Space-based Strategic Assets‘. Although modern military operations rely largely on space-based assets like satellite communications infrastructure, NATO has not yet declared space as a domain.

Along with bringing out various space-based structures as possible targets for cyber attacks. the article provides an overview of NATO’s course of action in developing space policy and possibly claiming space as a domain of operations. “Defining space as a separate domain brings about several legal questions such as what is the threshold of collective self-defence in case of cyber attack against space-assets and whether cyber-attacks with kinetic results would violate international humanitarian law restriction on causing widespread, long-term and severe damage to the natural environment,” says Lumiste.

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