Workshop on Ethics and Policies for Cyber Warfare. Report

The report on “Workshop on Ethics and Policies for Cyber Warfare” held in close cooperation with University of Oxford and chaired by Lieutenant Ludovica Glorioso and Dr Maria Rosaria Taddeo ,  will present the discussion among the ethicists,  policy makers, international lawyers and military experts on the existing regulatory gap concerning cyber warfare and ethical problems underpinning it. It was remarked the need to increase the dialogue between the stakeholders involved in cyberspace and to have an interdisciplinary approach.
The first part – Politics session- , analyses  the   discussion of the extent to which current international structures are able to develop cyber security norms, and continued focusing on the possible ways in which these issues can be addressed by international bodies, considering their limited mandates for addressing the international security aspects of cyber interaction.
The second part –  Legal session- ,  focused on the law and examined the applicability of current legal mechanisms of warfare to cyberspace, looking specifically at the issues of deterrence, proportionality, perfidy, and casus belli.
The third  part -Academia Section –  looked at different mechanisms for developing ethical norms, universal principles that could be applied to cyber warfare and gave their views on the usefulness of Just War Theory, information warfare and a meta-level rule of law to develop ethical norms to regulate cyberspace.

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