Technical Experts Practice Stopping Malicious Cyber Activities

Technical experts from 11 countries gathered in Tallinn this week to practice evidence gathering, information analysis for technical attribution and responsive cyber defence scenario execution. The scenario-based red teaming workshop organized by the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence trains participants to identify the origins of malicious cyber activities and stop them.

“The main focus of this workshop is on technical attribution. This is a critical skill to in a world where the origins of cyber attacks are often unclear,” explained Dr Rain Ottis, workshop scenario and execution leader and Associate Professor at the Tallinn University of Technology. The workshop brings together people from very different backgrounds, said Ottis, also a Senior Fellow at the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence.

“Effective cooperation is as essential in our realistic technical environment as it is in everyday work. Therefore the workshop participants work as a single self-organizing team,” emphasized Ottis.

Workshop participants included technical experts from governmental institutions, CERT teams and industry as well as representatives from NATO NCIRC. The red teaming workshop is oriented at penetration testers and focuses on a responsive cyber defence scenario.