States Should Not Attack Critical Infrastructure, National Emergency Response Teams, UN Report Reveals

An INCYDER analysis of the new UN GGE report  notes the recommendation that norms should prohibit attacking critical infrastructure and national emergency response teams.

The UN expert group agreed on an unprecedented set of norms for responsible behaviour and commented on how international law applies to the use of ICTs. The experts recommended norms which prohibit attacking critical infrastructure and national emergency response teams. The report also notes a ‘dramatic increase in incidents’ that ‘create risks for all States’. Experts further acknowledge that ‘States are developing military capabilities for military purposes’ and that the use of cyber in future conflicts is becoming ‘more likely’.

The INCYDER team analysed the new United Nations Group of Governmental Experts’ (UN GGE) consensus report on Developments in the Fields of Information and Telecommunications in the Context of International Security. An important step forward in international cyber diplomacy, it represents global agreement by key powers on issues concerning international security.

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For a comprehensive overview of the report, see the INCYDER article.

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