Extended deadline for Public Relations Internship in 2015

Have you already applied for the Centre’s Public Relations Internship? If not then do not miss your chance now. The Centre has extended the deadline for applications for Public Relations Internship, new closing date for applications is March 22nd, 2015.

Timeframe for the Internship is from May to June 2015.

Public Relations intern will work alongside the Centre’s Public Relations Adviser being exposed to a unique international environment. The Intern’s tasks might range from strategic messaging and media relations to writing, website development and organising communication tools.

A perfect candidate is at least a Master’s student in communication, media or other social sciences, students of languages or technical fields might also be considered.

Candidates are expected to send Internship application (can be found from the Centre’s website), CV, motivation letter and a sample of independent writing to e-mail address ccdcoe -at- ccdcoe.org.

Further information and instructions for applying to the advertised Internship can be found from https://ccdcoe.org/internship-opportunities.html.