Centre Contributes to NATO’s Largest Cyber Defence Exercise

The NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence contributed experts and three popular storylines to the Cyber Coalition 2015 exercise. NATO’s largest cyber defence exercise took place this week with control centre in Tartu, Estonia.

“The Centre has supported storyline development since the first Cyber Coalition. This year, we contributed the main technical storyline dealing with the emerging threat of mobile malware as well as two popular legal storylines dealing with questions such as privacy, classified information sharing, human rights and applicability of international conventions,” said Lt Col Christian Braccini, an expert at the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence. He emphasised that for two years in a row, the Centre’s storylines were fully booked by exercise participants.

Cyber Coalition 2015, NATO’s largest cyber defence exercise was held this week with participation of almost every NATO nation and numerous partners. The management of the exercise storylines was handled by national representatives and the core planning team in Tartu, Estonia. NATO’s annual cyber defense exercise focused on the decision making processes as well as the technical, operational and legal procedures.