New INCYDER: NATO’s Enhanced Cyber Defence Policy, Right to be Forgotten and More

The recent issue of International Cyber Developments Review (INCYDER) sheds light on NATO’s enhanced cyber defence policy, elaborates on the European Court of Justice’s cases regarding the “right to be forgotten” and the invalidation of the Data Retention Directive, and highlights the African Union’s successful adoption of a cyber security convention.

NATO CCD COE’s International Cyber Developments Review (INCYDER) project focuses on the work of international organisations and brings together knowledge of all the relevant legal and policy instruments in order to improve overall awareness of international developments and, most importantly, to serve as a central hub for easy access to the wide range of different legal and policy instruments that make up the contemporary domain of cyber security.

To make the database more accessible, we are currently preparing a website for INCYDER. The new website is to be launched this autumn and will allow for more frequent news updates and include a comprehensive and fully searchable database with a collection of cyber security related legal and policy documents from major international organisations.