Jan Stinissen Discusses International Law at Suits and Spooks

Lieutenant Colonel Jan Stinissen of the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence will discuss cyber warfare operations and international law at the first European edition of Suits and Spooks conference held in London today.

“The talk is about how basic notions of public international law, including ‘use of force’ and ‘armed attack’, can apply to activities in cyber space. I will also address which options – from a legal perspective – are available to States in response to malicious cyber activity not raising to the level of an armed attack. The different aspects will be illustrated by real life examples,” Stinissen told Security Week. “The aim is to give the audience a better understanding of the legal framework States and State entities operate in when conducting cyber operations.”

Read more on Security Week. The first European edition of Suits and Spooks, the cyber security conference bringing together decision makers and thought leaders in the industry, is held in London on September 12, 2014.