Change of Command

On Friday, the Centre bid goodbye to its Director of four years, Colonel Ilmar Tamm, and welcomed
Colonel Artur Suzik who is the Director of the Centre as of 16 July 2012.

Colonel Tamm, who has led the Centre since its establishment in 2008, noted during the Change of Command ceremony that it has been an invaluable experience to grow and learn alongside with the Centre. “Every organisation’s success and sustainability is defined by its people and team spirit. It has been my honour and privilege to work with each and every one of you because you are what makes this Centre excellent. I hope to keep ties with you also in the future. I wish to Colonel Artur Suzik good luck and ask you to support him like you have supported me during my command tour at the Centre.”

Colonel Artur Suzik, whose last assignment was as the Chief of J6 in Estonian Defence Forces, greeted his new staff and expressed his admiration for the work done by his predecessor. “The Centre has grown from the idea proposed years back into a fully functioning one. From my experience of the past years as J6 and the Chairman of the Centre Steering Committee I know that the Centre’s support to the sponsoring nations, NATO and partners in the area of cyber defence has been phenomenal. It is very fascinating to now join the Centre and see the work done from the inside and to be able to command the Centre for the next years.”

The leaving Director handed over the flag of the Centre to the new Director and planted an oak tree to mark his command at the Centre.