Joint Workshop with ENISA on Countering Botnets

European network and Information Security Agency (ENISA), Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCD COE), Fraunhofer Institute, Bonn University and the German Internet Industry Association (ECO) will conduct a joint workshop on 9-10 March, 2011 in Cologne, Germany to address issues related to measurement, detection, tracking of, as well as the defence against botnets.

Botnets are networks of compromised, remotely controlled computer systems. Their main purposes include the distribution of spam e-mails, conduction of distributed denial of service attacks, and the automated theft of sensitive data, e.g. credit card or bank data for financial fraud or passwords for other services, posing a continued threat to Internet users worldwide. To effectively fight botnets, it is essential to counter them with technical, legal and policy instruments.

Experts in fighting botnets of these domains are the main audience of this event. Decision makers, legal professionals dealing with cybercrime and representatives of security departments from the stakeholder groups Regulators/Law Enforcement, Research, ISPs and End Users/Companies are especially welcome.