General Stéphane Abrial visits the Centre

Supreme Allied Commander of Transformation, General Stéphanie Abrial visited the Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (Centre) on May 12.

Abrial was briefed by the Director of the Centre, Colonel Ilmar Tamm on cyber threats as part of the hybrid threat environment. Among the issues discussed were the ongoing activities of the Centre, its goal to assist the development of Cyber Defense Policy and the ways the Centre could support Supreme Allied Command of Transformation’s experiments and exercises.

During the meeting Abrial stated, “Above all, I am inspired by the forward-looking strategic work that I have encountered in the centre. I look forward to continuing our collaboration, and to providing any support within Allied Command Transformation’s power.”

General Stéphane Abrial received appointment by the North Atlantic Council as Supreme Allied Commander Transformation on 29 July 2009. He is the first European to be appointed permanently as head of a NATO strategic command. Abrial has extensive experience both as a fighter pilot and an operational commander. He has a wideranging background that includes operations in coalition environments, at the tactical, operational and strategic levels.

The NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence is one of many NATO Centres of Excellence. Its mission is to enhance the capability, cooperation and information sharing among NATO, it’s member nations and partners in cyber defence by virtue of education, research and development, lessons learned and consultation.