Baltic Cyber Shield to train technical skills for countering cyber attacks

An International Cyber Defence Exercise on 10-11 May the Baltic Cyber Shield will give its participants a practical hands-on experience in defending computer networks. The event is jointly organised by the Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence and several Swedish governmental institutions.

The aim of the Baltic Cyber Shield is to increase understanding of the international cyber environment and to enhance international cooperation for handling technical incidents. During the exercise, six teams from Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden and NATO headquarters (NCIRC) will attempt to defend virtual computer networks against hostile attacks.

„One of the main tasks for the teams is to defend an initially insecure company network. This network also includes components of SCADA systems that are used for monitoring and controlling critical information infrastructure,” Kaur Kasak, the exercise director from the CCDCOE explains.

The event is jointly set up by the CCDCOE and the Swedish National Defence College (SNDC) with support from various Swedish institutions and the Estonian Cyber Defence League. Participating teams come from governmental agencies in Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden and NATO Computer Incident Response Capability Technical Centre (NCIRC-TC).

The first similar exercise took place in 2008 as a joint event between Swedish and Estonian universities organized by the Swedish National Defence College and the Estonian Defence Forces.

The organisers of the exercise would like to thank Clarified Networks for their support in organising the exercise.