Workshop on Ethics of Cyber Conflict. Proceedings

This publication is a compilation of articles and research presented at the Workshop on Ethics of Cyber Conflict’, held at the Centre for High Defence Studies, in Rome, in November 2013. The workshop’s main purpose – to engage international experts in discussing topical issues related to ethics and cyber defence – is now reinforced in the format of workshop proceedings.

Editors: Ludovica Glorioso, Anna-Maria Osula
Publisher: NATO CCD COE Publications, April 2014

The Ethics of Cyber-Conflicts in Hyperhistorical Societies by Luciano Floridi
An Analysis for a Just Cyber Warfare by Mariarosaria Taddeo
Law, Ethics and Cyber Warfare by Bill Boothby
The Applicability of the Just War Tradition to Military Cyber Operations by Edward T. Barrett
Distinctive Ethical Issues of Cyberwarfare by Randall R. Dipert
The Cyber-Combatant: a New Status for a New Warrior by Maurizio D’Urso
Cyber Security Ethics at the Boundaries: Systems Maintenance and the Tallinn Manual by Sandra Braman
Violence, Just Cyber War and Information by Massimo Durante
The Autonomy of Automated Weapons by Giovanni Sartor
Three Legal Challenges of Informational Warfare: On Force, Proportionality, and the Role of Sovereign States by Ugo Pagallo

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