Towards an active, autonomous and intelligent cyber defense of military systems: The NATO AICA reference architecture

Already nowadays complex massively interconnected systems, isolated defense vehicles, infrastructure and other systems demand extremely low failure rates. In case of cyber attacks human security operators cannot deliver fast enough reactions, thus we need active, autonomous and intelligent cyber defense. Multi Agent Systems for Cyber Defense may provide an answer to this requirement.

Authors, among them CCDCOE Technology Branch Researcher Mauno Pihelgas, present the concept and architecture of an Autonomous Intelligent Cyber defense Agent (AICA). They describe the rationale of the AICA concept as well as explain the methodology and purpose that drive the definition of the AICA Reference Architecture (AICARA) by NATO’s IST-152 Research and Technology Group. Additionally, they review some of the main features and challenges of Multi Autonomous Intelligent Cyber defense Agent (MAICA). The paper also depicts the initially assumed AICA Reference Architecture and presents preliminary research issues, assumptions and ideas. The work concludes with a discussion on future research that will help develop and test the AICA/MAICA concept.

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