Ten Rules for Cyber Security

Politically and ideologically motivated cyber attacks on critical infrastructure have been a wake-up call for security experts and have shown there is a price to pay for an advanced information society. Contemporary cyber threats can only be confronted by combining the regulation, remedies and legal practice these four key areas of law. Ten rules focused on issues and working solutions arising from discussions among experts or in the course of cyber-incident handling can be identified. These offer an abstract but concentrated view of the legal issues affecting the handling of cyber incidents and cyber security in general, and highlight the disparity between legal theory and practice. The rules are intended to focus international debate on the quality and interpretation of existing law rather than the need for new legal frameworks.

Published in: Survival. Global Politics and Strategy, vol. 53 no. 3, p. 119-132.

Available on: http://www.iiss.org/en/publications/survival/sections/2011-2760/survival–global-politics-and-strategy-june-july-2011-bad3/53-3-12-tikk-4349

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