Recent Cyber Events and Possible Implications for Armed Forces #2

This is a second instalment of a series of reports by CCDCOE identifying potential implications of cyber events to armed forces. The monthly report highlights how threats, vulnerabilities and incidents in cyberspace can affect military organisations and their operations. The primary audience for this report includes military decision makers at different levels of command. The aim of this report is to provide better understanding of how developments in the cyber domain may affect military operations.

Please note that the report covers only a selection of many cyber events that happened during the previous month. Our selection of relevant news articles stems from the significance of the events from the perspective of the military, utilizing the CCDCOE´s multidisciplinary expertise and 360° approach to cyber defence. This is not a news report, the focus will be rather on the long term impact of the events, and lessons that can be learned from incidents that will help the armed forces to be better prepared for future events.

To continuously improve this regular report, input from readers is essential. The CCDCOE encourages feedback on both how the reports are of use to you, and how you think they can be made better. Please send your comments and suggestions to [email protected]

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