NATO MARSEC Proceedings: Case Study of the dispute in the South China Sea

In September 2020 the CCDCOE Law Researcher Dr. Keiko KONO presented a case study at the 1st MARSEC annual conference. “Case Study of the dispute in the South China Sea: an Approach by Claimant Countries and ASEAN and Its Impact on Maritime Security in the Region” was also published in the The Proceeding book of NATO MARSEC Conference here.

Among multitudes of aspects of the dispute in the South China Sea, this article focuses on issues concerning what security challenges have been brought to Southeast Asia due to the

dispute and how claimant and other concerned countries as well as ASEAN as a whole are managing to settle the dispute. To that end, it briefly discusses how the dispute unfolded, in particular in relation to a legal proceeding at the arbitral tribunal brought by the Philippines.

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