NATO Cyberspace Exercises: Moving Ahead CyCon 2022 Workshop Summary

How do we effectively “train as we fight” in cyberspace? How can NATO best adapt to changes in the cyber threat landscape, or themes including hybrid warfare and disinformation which blur the distinctions between kinetic and digital warfare? How can Allies overcome the challenges of information-sharing and duplication to ensure swift response to adversarial attacks – and how can exercising facilitate such shifts? These questions represent active areas of discussion across the NATO Enterprise, as the Organisation continues to build out the effective design, execution, and strategic development of cyber and joint military exercises.

At the 2022 International Cyber Conflict Conference (CyCon) the workshop “NATO Cyberspace Exercises: Moving Ahead” took place. For the second year, this NATO exercise-focused workshop gathered experts to address and discuss these concerns. Held in person, the workshop welcomed approximately 65 attendees including a range of invited experts and relevant stakeholders, as well as open sign-ups from conference attendees who were interested in cyber exercising themes. This workshop drew upon the valuable input and recommendations captured from the 2021 workshop, further opening the conversation on NATO exercises to the broader cyber community. Following plenary presentations, attendees were divided into six-eight person syndicates to discuss relevant challenges and opportunities. The workshop ran in accordance with Chatham House convention and as such syndicate comments are not attributed to any attendees by name.

This report summarises the main discussion points from this workshop.

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