National Cyber Security Organisation: Turkey

This publication is part of a series of country reports offering a comprehensive overview of national cyber
security governance by nation. The aim is to improve awareness of cyber security management in the
varied national settings, support nations enhancing their own cyber security governance, encourage the
spread of best practices, and contribute to the development of interagency and international
Primarily focusing on NATO Nations that are Sponsoring Nations to the NATO CCDCOE, each country
report outlines the division of cyber security roles and responsibilities between agencies, describes their
mandate, tasks, and competences as well as coordination between them. In particular, it covers the
mandates of political and strategic management; operational cyber security capabilities and cyber
incident management; military cyber defence; and cyber aspects of crisis prevention and management.
It offers an introduction to the broader digital ecosystem of the country and outlines national cyber
security strategy objectives in order to clarify the context for the organisational approach in a particular

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