Impact on NATO of Cyberspace as a Domain of Operations: SWOT Analyses

In July 2016 at the Warsaw summit, NATO recognised a new domain of operations: cyberspace. The main goal of this SWOT analyses authored by Alžběta Bajerová is to map the non-technological challenges that stem from recognising cyberspace as a domain of operations, to shed a light on the uncertainties that surround its recent development, and to make a few recommendations based on the arguments that will be made along the way. To do so in a simple and explorative manner that will give us space for broader debate, the paper will follow the framework of a SWOT analysis, while omitting the final SWOT matrix and exchanging it for a summarising conclusion and set of recommendations based on previous analysis.

This paper will apply the SWOT framework to the possible effects of cyberspace becoming a domain of operations. Through the subsequent analysis, we will be approaching the answer to a complex question: What is the possible future effect on NATO of recognising cyberspace as a domain of operations? However, since it is not possible to answer such a question succinctly and with certainty, the main product of this paper will thus not be a simple one-line answer, but a set of arguments made along the way while considering the question. The role of the arguments will be not only to unveil possible directions for NATO in the cyber domain, but also to challenge current paradigmatic views on cyberspace and prompt a debate on the non-technological aspects of the new domain.

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