Heading off Hackers

Computers and computer networks have provided a new delivery mechanism that can increase the speed, diffusion and significance of national security threat. The constant evolution of information technology tends to leave both cyber law and cyber defense breathless. The ubiquity and amplification power of the Internet often make the battles fought there seem more important than events taking place on the ground.

The intangible nature of cyberspace, however, can make the calculation of victory, defeat, and battle damage a highly subjective undertaking. Even knowing whether one is under cyber attack can be a challenge.

National security thinkers are therefore struggling with the complexities of cyber conflict for a wide variety of reasons, including an ignorance of its technical foundations, media-fueled paranoia, and a desire to take advantage of hacking’s high return-on-investment before it goes away.

This article seeks to articulate cyber warfare in basic concepts and definitions, enhancing the discussion on cyber defense strategies and tactics.

Published in: per Concordiam, Vol 2, Issue 2.

Available on: http://www.marshallcenter.org/mcpublicweb/MCDocs/files/College/F_Publications/perConcordiam/pC_V2N2_en.pdf

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