Cyber workforce recruitment and retention: an awareness assessment

This paper by CCDCOE Researchers Erwin Orye and Gunnar Faith-Ell focuses on how governmental organisations manage their required level of cybersecurity and the available cybersecurity workforce. It looks at the cyber workforce from the perspective of attracting new personnel by internal and external recruitment, retaining the current cyber workforce and how to improve the retention of employees.

A survey was carried out among supporting nations of the CCDCOE to evaluate and understand how critical and how complicated it is for military or related organisations to guarantee the required capacity in specific cyber competences and to distill best practice.

This paper examines how the public sector is challenged by demand that exceeds availability in the labour market. It examines if military organisations have quantitative as well as qualitative measures to attract and maintain an effective cyber workforce. It analyses if existing policies for retention exist and gives best practices to avoid a potential lack of cybersecurity workforce.

Main takeaways are (1) we know there’s a cybersecurity skills gap that is only likely to increase in future (2) that you’ve been able to use surveyed responses to map what job factors are considered by cybersecurity colleagues (3) this may be a useful tool for those recruiting and retaining cyber security colleagues.

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