Cyber Terrorism: in Theory or in Practice?

Numerous attempts to define cyber terrorism have not resulted in a commonly accepted interpretation. Cyber terrorism is frequently discussed in media, politics, and security reports but sadly with great inconsistency as regards to the meaning of the notion. The wide media coverage often tends to disregard that according to the majority of authors not a single clear case of cyber terrorism has been witnessed. Consequently, the term has been used to describe virtually everything from simple hacking to fatal cyber attacks causing serious financial harm and bloodshed. This article gives a concise overview of the status quo of defining cyber terrorism by examining the different aspects of determining the meaning of the term as well as underlining the commonly supported target-oriented approach.

Published in: Defence Against Terrorism Review, Vol.3, No. 2, Fall 2010.

Talihärm, A.-M. (2010). Cyberterrorism: in Theory or in Practice? Defence Against Terrorism Review, Vol.3, No. 2, Fall 2010, pp. 59-74.

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