2nd Edition of the Guide to developing a National Cybersecurity Strategy

The 2nd, revised Guide to Developing a National Cybersecurity Strategy, published in November 2021, results from a unique multistakeholder collaboration tapping into the knowledge, experience, and expertise of more than 20 international, industry and academic organisations in the field of national cybersecurity strategies and policies, including the ITU, Council of Europe, Microsoft, World Bank, several international security policy think tanks active in the field, and a number of regional intergovernmental organisations. CCDOE’s participation in the effort builds on its decade-worth of research on national cybersecurity strategies; the Centre’s experts led the Guide’s work stream on international cooperation and its publications are included among the Guide’s reference materials. The Guide provides a reference framework to support countries’ ongoing efforts to design, adopt, implement, and update a comprehensive national cybersecurity strategy. It was published in November 2021 and is available on a dedicated website (ncsguide.org).

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