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18 November
European Parliament Criticises the Commission’s Sluggishness Regarding Electronic Mass Surveillance
11 November
CJEU Weltimmo Ruling Gives More Power to National Data Protection Authorities
26 October
Top EU Court Finds EU-US Personal Data Transfers Not Safe Enough
31 August
2015 UN GGE Report: Major Players Recommending Norms of Behaviour, Highlighting Aspects of International Law
17 July
EU Cyber Defence Policy Framework Presents More Than 40 Action Measures
15 July
European Parliament Aims to Influence the Trade on Harmful Technology Products
10 July
Professor Joseph A. Cannataci Appointed as First UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Privacy
30 June
New Cornerstone for a Common Data Protection Level in All EU Member States
18 May
APEC’s New Strategic Action Plan for the Internet Shows Limited Cyber Security Cooperation within the Region
14 May
The European Commission Set Out a European Agenda on Security for the Period 2015-2020 – Fighting Cybercrime among Top Priorities
28 April
The Hague’s Global Conference on Cyberspace Outcome Represents a Complex Status Quo
21 April
Mass Surveillance Endangers Human Rights and Does Not Prevent Terrorist Attacks, Says Council of Europe
15 April
SCO Plans to Hold Exercises on Combating ‘Cyber-Terrorism’
20 February
Mixed Feedback on the ‘African Union Convention on Cyber Security and Personal Data Protection’
10 February
An Updated Draft of the Code of Conduct Distributed in the United Nations – What’s New?