CoE Stepping up Global Action on Cybercrime

The CoE is launching two three-year projects focusing on the fight against cybercrime.

Global Action on Cybercrime (GLACY)1 is a 36-month project funded by the EU and the CoE with the main aim to fight against organised crime. The project has a worldwide scope and focuses on supporting the countries that are prepared to implement the CoE Budapest Convention on Cybercrime. The specific objective of the project is to “enable criminal justice authorities to engage in international cooperation on cybercrime and electronic evidence on the basis of the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime”.2 The project has outlined an ambitious goal to have “up to 70 States participate in international efforts on cybercrime using the Budapest Convention as their common framework”.1

Another CoE 36-month-long Octopus project is directed at the parties and observers of the CoE Convention of Cybercrime, as well as nations interested in joining the Convention. This project, to be launched in January 2014, focuses similarly to facilitating the implementation of the Convention and related instruments via organising the annual Octopus conference, supporting the Cybercrime Convention Committee (T-CY) and organising numerous events related to cybercrime.3

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