CyCon 2016: 'Cyber Power'

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In today’s increasingly complex cyberspace we see a variety of actors struggling to gain or maintain their position. The ubiquitous use of information and communication technologies has had a profound influence on how these actors pursue their goals and interests. The 8th International Conference on Cyber Conflict (CyCon 2016) will focus on ‘cyber power’ as one of the core elements of relations between different stakeholders and will discuss how the traditional concept of ‘power’ applies to cyberspace. 

Both ‘hard’ and ‘soft power’ are being employed to achieve strategic and political goals through technical, legal and economic means. But how can we assess such power? How can we ensure that such power remains in the right hands? How can we ensure or enforce ‘cyber power’ without risking conflict escalation? How can we respond to exercises of this power with the right tools and measures? Is there a way to maintain a balance of power in cyberspace? 

29.05.2015CyCon 2016 to Focus on Cyber Power
29.05.2015CyCon session overviews May 29
29.05.2015CyCon session overviews May 28
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27.05.2015Ambassador Ducaru: NATO Not to Militarise Cyberspace