10:20-11:40Coffee Break
14:00until 15:15Coercion, Deterrence and Cyber Weapons
Understanding and Countering Cyber CoercionMr. Quentin E. Hodgson, Senior Researcher, RAND Corporation
The Cyber Deterrence ProblemProf. Aaron F. Brantly, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science Virginia Tech
Offensive Cyber Capabilities: To What Ends?Dr. Max Smeets, Research Fellow in Cybersecurity, Stanford University
Moderator:Dr. Tim Stevens, Lecturer in Global Security, King's College London
14:00until 15:15Cyber Espionage and International Law
Cyber Espionage in the Current International Law ParadigmMs. Liis Vihul, CEO, Cyber Law International
Cyber Law and Espionage Law As Communicating VesselsDr. Asaf Lubin, Lecturer, Yale College
Addressing the Elephant – a Practitioner's ViewMs. Ianneke Borgersen Karlsen, Senior Legal Adviser, Norwegian MoD
Moderator:Mr. Erki Kodar, Undersecretary for Legal and Administrative Affairs, Estonian Ministry of Defence
14:00until 15:15On the Path Towards a More Secure Cyber Infrastructure
HTTP Security Headers Analysis of Top One Million WebsitesMr. F. Jesus Rubio Melon, Web Security Specialist, Spanish Joint Cyber-Defence Command
On the Effectiveness of Machine and Deep Learning for Cyber SecurityProf. Mirco Marchetti, Researcher, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
Screen Watermarking for Data Theft Investigation and AttributionDr. David Gugelmann, CEO & Founder Exeon Analytics Ltd., Former Postdoc ETH Zurich
Moderator:Dr. Kristan Stoddart, Department of International Politics, Aberystwyth University
15:15-15:45Coffee Break
15:45until 17:00Cyberspace as an Operational Domain
The Topography of Cyberspace and Its Consequences for OperationsMr. Brad Bigelow, Principal Technical Advisor, SHAPE DCOS CIS and Cyber Defence (CCD)
Targeting Technology: Mapping Military Offensive Network OperationsMr. Daniel Moore, PhD Candidate, King's College, London
Aladdin’s Lamp: The Theft and Re-weaponization of Malicious CodeMr. Kārlis Podiņš, Threat Analyst, CERT.LV
Dr. Kenneth Geers, Senior Research Scientist, Comodo
Moderator:Dr. Michael Sulmeyer, Director, Cyber Security Project, Harvard Kennedy School Belfer Center
15:45until 17:00The Potential of Open Source Intelligence
Utilizing Air Traffic Communications for OSINT on State and Government AircraftDr. Martin Strohmeier, Junior Research Fellow, University of Oxford
FeedRank: A Tamper-resistant Method for the Ranking of Cyber Threat Intelligence FeedsMr. Roland Meier, PhD Student, ETH Zürich
Supercharge your OSINT with Artificial Intelligence (LIVE DEMO)Mr. Andrea Melegari, Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer, CY4GATE
Moderator:Cpt. Roy Ragsdale, Research Scientist, Army Cyber Institute, US Military Academy
15:45until 17:00Cyberspace, Security and Fundamental Rights
Cybersecurity and Digital Rights: Do we need another European Charter for Cyberspace?Prof. Wolfgang Kleinwächter, Global Commission on Stability in Cyberspace
Law Enforcement Cross-border Access to Data and Human RightsProf. Théodore Christakis, Université Grenoble-Alpes; Director, Centre for International Security and European Studies
Internet Intermediaries and Counter-Terrorism: Between Self-Regulation and Outsourcing Law EnforcementDr. Krisztina Huszti-Orban, University of Minnesota
Moderator:Prof. Lee Andrew Bygrave, Director, Norwegian Research Center for Computers and Law, University of Oslo
19:00-20:30Tallinn City Tour22:30-23:55Tallinn City Tour (Late Night Special)