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Alessandro Guarino

Alessandro Guarino is an experienced information security professional and independent researcher. He is CEO of StudioAG, a consulting firm based in Italy whose services were used by the industry and the public sector. He holds a degreee in Industrial Engineering and is completing work on a thesis on Information Security Economics for a degree in Economics and Business. He is an ISO active expert in JTC 1/SC 27 (IT Security techniques commitee) and contributed in particular to the development of cybersecurity and digital investigation standards. He represents Italy in the CEN-CENELEC-ETSI Cybersecurity Coordination Group.

Autonomous Intelligent Agents in Cyber Offence
Applications of artificial intelligence in cyber warfare have been mainly  postulated and studied in the context of defensive operations. This paper provides an  introductory overview of the use of autonomous agents in offensive cyber warfare, drawing on available open literature. The study supplies an introduction to the taxonomy and science underlying intelligent agents and their strengths and weaknesses: the technological elements that autonomous agents should include are explained, as well as the economics involved. The paper also aims to explore possible legal implications of the use of autonomous agents and shows how they could fit into the legal context of warfare. The conclusion of the study is that the use of AI technologies will be an important part of cyber offensive operations, from both the technological and the economical aspects; however, the legal and doctrinal landscape is still uncertain and proper frameworks are still to be developed.


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