Cyber Defence at Operational Level Course /

Cyber Defence at Operational Level Course, June


26-30 Jun 2017

Registration deadline:

8 May 2017



Tallinn, Estonia

Participation fee:

300 € (no fee for the Sponsoring Nations, Contributing Partners and NATO bodies)

This course provides operational planners with the necessary knowledge to incorporate cyberspace operations in military planning.

Learning Objectives

  • Provide broad knowledge of cyberspace and cyber operations from operational, strategic, legal, and technical perspective
  • Provide an overview of Cyber Defence in NATO, as well as selected national perspectives
  • After completing the course, students would be able to integrate cyber defence operations into joint/combined operational plans

Target Audience

This course is oriented toward non-cyber specialist operational planners and non-cyber defence doctrine specialists.


  • Cyberspace overview and topology
  • Internet governance
  • Military capabilities in cyberspace
  • Principles of warfare applicable to cyberspace
  • Cyber operations tenets
  • Introduction to international law applicable to cyber operations
  • Introduction to rules of engagement in cyberspace
  • Cyber intelligence overview
  • Cyber intelligence in NATO
  • Digital forensics overview
  • Digital forensics in the battlefield overview
  • Digital forensics at the operational level
  • Cyber defence in NATO
  • NATO Rapid Reaction Team (NATO RRT)
  • NATO framework for cyber operations
  • NATO cyber defence policy and organisation
  • System analysis
  • Integration of cyber defence in the operational planning process
  • Targeting in cyberspace
  • Cyber operational planning guide and best practices
  • Responsive cyber defence
  • Lessons identified from TRIDENT exercises
  • Future and trends.


  • Basic knowledge of cyber security risks and measures to mitigate them. It is recommended that delegates have completed the Cyber Defence Awareness e-Course
  • Knowledge of the NATO ACO Comprehensive Operations Planning Directive (COPD), AJP 5, and MCC 133/4
  • English Language skill comparable to STANAG 6001,
  • NATO SECRET Security Clearance.
Registration info

Please register for the course by visiting the NATO CCD COE website and completing the provided registration form before the deadline. Should you have any questions, please contact: events -at- 
* Before registering, please check the up‐to‐date course information on the NATO CCD COE website