Jobs/ Interns/ Visiting Scholars Program

Each CCDCOE nation is responsible for recruiting experts to their positions. Please contact your national authorities if you are a citizen of a member nation and interested in joining the team of CCDCOE.

Vacancies for Estonian positions will be advertised on CV-online

We are currently looking for:

Infrastructure Architect

Our aim is to provide interns with an opportunity to experience working in an international environment and enhance their educational experience through practical work assignments. To apply for Internship, check the available opportunities and requirements of the specific offers. If interested, please send your CV and motivation letter to [email protected].


To submit an application please email: [email protected] with the email title ‘Candidate for CCDCOE Visiting Scholars Program’. Please include:

your academic CV (maximum two pages) and if applicable, a list of related published work;

one or two page research proposal outlining the topic. The proposal should include: main research question(s), added value of this research and relevance concerning the previous academic literature on the topic, methodology (desk research, expert interviews, empirical data collection methods, quantitative methods, etc.,), nature of the research (political science or computer science or a related field), anticipated results and conclusions, target audiences;

preferred working mode (either resident or non-resident) and timeframe (dates)

We welcome research in the four areas of the CCDCOE work: strategy and policy; operations; technology; and international law.


Possible research themes in 2022-2023 include but are not limited to:

critical infrastructure and essential services


capacity building

military cyber organisations, including cyber commands

autonomous systems in cyber defence

supply chain security

5G and next generation networks (5G/NGN)

collaboration and information sharing frameworks in cybersecurity

public-private partnerships in cybersecurity

crisis management and military-civilian cooperation in cyberspace

military-private cooperation in cybersecurity and 5G/NGN

the nature of cyber domain, and the role of nation states and non-stake actors in cyberspace

nation state cyber operations, including intelligence, offensive and defensive aspects

use of AI and ML in cyber defence and offence

norms in international law

cyber deterrence

developments in education and training for cyber operations


We accept scholars on a rolling basis depending on the applicant’s proposal, timing, and the availability of supervisors and desk space at the centre. We recommend scholars arrange their schedule to avoid visiting during holiday periods (July and August, mid-December to mid-January).


As part of the program the CCDCOE provides:

Facilitation to set up expert interviews with the broader NATO and the EU expert community;

Economy flights and reasonable accommodation during the duration of the visit;

Supervision and opportunity to interview the CCDCOE personnel;

A desk space at the CCDCOE;

Internal peer review on research findings that are an output of the scholar’s research;

Participation at the centre’s events, exercises, based on availability;


Scholars are also welcome to join the CCDCOE visiting scholars community, through which they can stay engaged with the centre after the conclusion of the program.